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Ultimate Billing customers experience first time claim acceptance rates averaging over 98 percent. Plus, clients see an increase in their charges, a significant increase in receipts and fewer days in A/R.

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Performance Indicators
  • Average Days in A/R: 29
  • Insurance in A/R > 90 Days: 10%
  • Denial Rate: 5-10%
  • Service to Charge Lag: 1 to 2 days
  • Gross Collection: Varies up to 58% depending on specialty

Ultimate Billing

Performance Indicators
  • Average Days in A/R: 19
  • Insurance in A/R > 90 Days: 2.33%
  • Denial Rate: 5%
  • Service to Charge Lag: 3 days*
  • Gross Collection: 43%

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Hear From Our Customers

“It has been a pleasure to work with Ultimate Billing for many years for many reasons. First and foremost, my Workers’ Compensation and No-Fault billing and collections can be very time consuming and require prompt action (especially when it comes to No-Faults), but I can rest easy because the team assigned to my practice, led by Bella Kogan, takes great effort to act in the timely manner. Moreover, because my billing, collections, and credentialing are all being taken care of without the need for my constant involvement, I am able to focus on patient care during the week and enjoy relaxing weekends at home, rather than sit at the office and sort out the bureaucratic problems so often caused by the insurance companies.”

Mark Galperin, MD (Pain Management and Anesthesia)

I have been a client of Ultimate Billing for 8 years, and the best thing about the service is that Marina Adelman regularly visits my office and gives me a complete report of my credentialing status with all of the insurances, updates me on the status of billing and collections, and informs me about a variety of issues that have been resolved since our previous meeting. It is very pleasant to know that as the owner of a company that services such a large number of practices, Marina Adelman still makes the time to personally oversee the services done for my practice down to every last claim.

Yuriy Pertsovskiy, MD (Gastroenterologist)

What I have learned to appreciate most is the peace of mind that I get, knowing that all of my billing-related work is being handled daily by a professional team of people who truly care about and enjoy their work. On many occasions, Bella Kogan and Marina Adelman, as well as their staff make themselves available to me way past the regular office hours, on weekends, and even (in special urgent cases) late at night. The level of dedication at Ultimate Billing Inc is incomparable to any other billing company that I have ever dealt with, which is why I plan to remain a client here for the whole duration of my medical career.

Victor Katz, MD (Orthopedic Surgery)

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