How Can Ultimate Billing Help?

Have Happier Patients

Ultimate Billing has been providing advanced billing and revenue cycle management advisory services for over 25 years. Our experienced staff not only includes insurance claims expertise, workers compensation and no-fault expertise but also former practice managers. We are experienced in using many practice management and laboratory billing solutions including Amazing Charts, Harris CareTracker, AC Practice Management,, Pulse, eCW, Nextech, SRS and many others. Our customer list includes experience working with over 30 specialties.

Working collaboratively to improve your billing experience allows you to focus on what you do best: helping patients. This will allow you to improve care and overall patient satisfaction, which could lead to more appointments and new patients via referral. In a time when patients are able to find new practices online, being able to focus more effort on the patient experience is important. Interested in our results and hearing from customers? Click here to learn more.

Increase Practice Revenue