Claims & Collections: Don’t Leave Revenue on the Table

One of the most difficult years ever for the healthcare industry is slowly drawing to a close. A few months from now, the yearly financial reports will undoubtedly show that uncollected payments and arrears accounts were among the highest costs to healthcare providers. With the cost of healthcare consistently increasing faster than millions of Americans’ […]

3 Ways to Deal with Claims Denial Management in Your ASC

Download Infographic Claims denial is, understandably, a cause for great concern among ASCs. Not only can denied claims disrupt your organization’s cash flow by adding up to 45 days to the revenue cycle, but they can also eventually leave a serious gap in projected income. The problem is only exacerbated when you add in the […]

Is Your AR Greater Than 25 Days?‏

Most patients don’t immediately pay for services. This is especially unavoidable in the case of emergency services, when the patient doesn’t have the time to look over your fees before calling for an ambulance or being rushed into urgent care. In these cases, although you may record their fee as an asset, it functions similarly […]